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Originally Posted by discotdi
No shit Sherlock! But to be specific even within the MKIII range you must specify the year. A 2003 RR and a 2010 or 2012 are very different trucks. So, if you state you are looking for a MKIII to buy for your kid hauler what do you mean? 2003, 2006,???. Why not just say I want a 2008 Range Rover for example?
To use the term MKIII generically, fine but it does not narrow the field specifically.
And I do have a clue, I've been driving Land Rovers for over 17 years and know the difference between a P38 and MKIII. I also know they are both just Range Rovers.

Oh boy.

Yes, that's great that you've been driving rovers for 17 years. I'm sure you're an expert, just ask you.

You weren't a part of the conversation yet you seem to have felt the need to speak up and let everyone know that we should just say Range Rover instead of MKIII.


Still your arguement is moot. It's like when people think that they need to speak louder to someone that doesn't speak English... Like somehow the non-English speaking person will hear and understand the words better.

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