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Very lucky to come out w/o damage. Tire was chewed up pretty bad and the wheel needed truing. It's all good now.

So to shake it off I went for a ride on Saturday. I took the kids to Lake Casitas Water Park just North of Oxnard. I went for a ride while they played in the water.

It turned out to be about a 40 mile loop from Lake Casitas out to PCH , up the coast and back into the hills on Casitas Pass Road.

It was great weather for riding along the coast with temperatures in the 70's.

The climb back into the hills was dreadfully hot... in the 90's. I was dying. I found a shaded dirt patch/turn off to replenish...

Riding along the coast is always beautiful and relatively safe but the ride into the hills was dangerous with very narrow roads as you can see in the picture. I found myself riding the solid white line most of the time to stay off traffic. Scenery was OK with many private ranches but no where to get water. I wouldn't recommend this road if you are riding solo. I don't think I would do it even with a group.
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