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Last year I posted some pics of my ride to Solana Beach. It was a friend's birthday ride and this year he wanted to ride again except he insisted we all made it to downtown San Diego. Last year due to time and knee issues I stopped in Solana and took the train back. I think it was about 79 miles and definitely the longest I've been on the saddle. This year we started at the Irvine Metrolink Station and rode to downtown San Diego... about 90 miles and it took us about 7.5 hours including the many breaks.

I've been riding and felt I was up for it and my only concern was my pinch nerve on my neck. I kinda ate shit for the first 30 miles with the nerve pinch but everything just loosened up after that and it was smooth riding to San Diego. Weather was great... over cast all the way.

Stopped at Oceanside for a break...

Getting close to San Onofre and it was drizzling here.

Torrey Pines Golf Course up ahead over that hill. Everyone talks about the climb up to Torrey Pines. It does look scary after riding 70+ miles.

Here we are at the top of Torrey Pines as we wait for the rest of the group...

Craig has been waiting the longest. I was the last in this group of 4 guys. Mr. Cannondale is my 17 year old nephew and this other guy rode his aero TT Trek machine. We are waiting for 2 more to join.

Next to the driving range...

Craig's Seven Titanio is behind mine.

Almost there...

My brother in law doesn't have a road bike so he borrowed the Bianchi from Ho... This is USS Midway which is a couple blocks from the downtown San Diego Amtrak station. We made without any flats or casualties. Fun ride...

Some of the guys stayed in SD for dinner but I had to get back to the family and to this.. I thoroughly enjoyed my post ride meal... hehehe...

Here is the ride:
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