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I went riding with Han on Saturday morning. It didn't go well:

The rear derailleur got yanked off:

I'm still not sure if a stone wedged inside the derailleur cage or if the cage went into the spokes. Either way, the derailleur got yanked off.

Fortunately, Han had his chain tool handy. So we shortened the chain and I limped home in 34x29:

To top things off, I got admonished on the way home by some bike chick. You know those athletic white cunts who have an aggressive nature to them? She scowled at me while passing and said:

You need to get a helmet for that head of yours.

She had that same asshole attitude that the other woman from Velo Club LaGrange had. Like I was endangering her or something by not wearing a helmet. How dare I even share the same road with her. It's funny. People like her seem to have no problem telling perfect strangers what they need to do, but I'll bet if I ever told her how to live her life, she would be morally outraged and probably sue me for emotional distress.

Thanks to Han for the use of the tools and for keeping me company on the long, slow, and very undergeared ride back to the shop.

Incidentally, this is the chain tool Han had:

I really like this tool. It sort of has everything you need and nothing you don't. Most of the bicycle multitools leave you wondering why they were designed that way. On this tool you have Allen bits from 2mm to 6mm (including the common 2.5mm), a Phillips bit, and a T25 (more and more common nowadays). The chain tool is driven by a 4mm Allen bit inside the reversible ratchet. This chain tool works better than the chain tools in my home tool kit. It's very unlike the micro chain tools on most of the multitools. The micro ratchet is also a pleasure to use.

I just ordered one.
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