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i never used that chain tool which is probably a good thing but it was pretty nice to find out how nice that tool was on the field.

i don't know how these guys do mud runs... we ate shit. we probably shouldn't have tried the mud that day. it was simply a... "doesn't look that bad, let's try it!" yielded to carnage. that stuff was like snow ball on clay mud. the more you rolled, the more you'd pickup mud.

we also found out how nice the egg beaters were on mud. both our shoes had a good layer of thick sticky mud and the cleats were still engaging. This is what the pedal looked like,

also for some reason, john's ritchey would clog up way more than mine...

note how both seat stay and chain stay bridges on john's bike are clogged,

the mud was nasty but washing off the mud was fairly quick.

hose off the bike, ballistol and some shop air... done deal.
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