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Originally Posted by greghirst
I've been hoping one comes up on eBay but I may just have to pay some ripoff Canadians $70C for new one (1/2 way down page):

I better order one or two before they run out.

$70 for a grub screw? That's ridiculous.

On a Vitus I would think it's a standard metric thread. Wouldn't just any grub screw of the same thread work?

Also, I have a small tub of this:

This stuff is awesome. I had a slipping seatpost problem on both my EMX3 and EMX5. This paste feels like lapping compound, but the chunks are purportedly plastic rather than aluminum oxide. The grip is very good. In fact, it can be a little difficult adjusting the machine just right because the grip is so good. But once you get the bolts tight, the parts stay in place beautifully. It also works just as well on aluminum as it does on carbon.
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