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Originally Posted by johnlee
Greg, I hope you throw down on the Lapierre, but this may be your last chance to own some marvelous French piece of shit that plays accordion music as you ride....


Is Lapierre a French bike?

One might think it's a French bike because of the name and the general frenchiness of the FDJ squad (French sponsor, French directeur, French riders, French tires). But from this website I thought it was British:

But then this review said the bike is made in Dijon:

So I checked and Lapierre also has a French site:

I did some reading on the British site and found this:

In 1946, Gaston LAPIERRE started a small bicycle business in Dijon, France (Côte-d’Or region), quickly finding success in an industry that was experiencing rapid growth in general. The management was passed on to his son, Jacky LAPIERRE in 1960.

In 1972, a new factory was constructed in the industrial zone of Dijon to accommodate increased production numbers. In addition to the production plant, a new building was also dedicated to spare parts sales, complete with a new showroom for the bike collection. The LAPIERRE™ brand begins thriving and becomes a reference among bike specialists.

My bad. I should have known that Greg would go for a French bike, just as I would go Belgian or Han would go Italian.
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