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Morning ride with my friend James.

James bought his bike a couple years ago thinking he would commute and get healthy and didn't ride it much until just recently he got really pumped up about riding and seems like he's really enjoying it for the fun of it. So he dragged me out of my comfy warm bed this morning for a ride to the Griffith Observatory. He's looking to score a Cannondale SuperSix Evo sometime later this year. I hope he gets it.
Griffith Park is a very common place for cyclists so that explains all the Strava segments gallore. I feel like a winner!!! Note all the PR's!!! LOL

Started from South Pasadena and to the LA river bike trail to the back to the North entrance of Griffith Park.

It was freezing in the morning on the way to Griffith park so no pictures. Here we start climbing. It's a really fun climb because the road is now mostly used for park maintenance vehicles and recreational hikers, joggers, and cyclists. So no traffic to worry about and it's usually pretty deserted. Several switch backs and the asphalt is all beat up and cracked so it's pretty fun.

Really winding road with lots of switchbacks... quite fun.

Hyperon Ultra Two's did really well and they seemed very happy climbing the rough road.

At the Observatory... We took a short brake to enjoy the scenery, take some pics and eat something.

I didn't even know they built this monument... The Gottlieb Transit Corridor monument, it's cool but it was blocked off so we couldn't go down to check it out.

Hollywood sign... check.

We were starving when we got home so Debbie pulled out some left overs from the fridge. It was a beautiful day outside so we set up the snowpeak tables on the patio... voila! post ride meal Feijoada w/ a little Chianti. What a day.

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