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I was itching to go ride on Saturday and luckily had time to go out for a few hours. I heard Angeles Crest Hwy would close due to snow and that interested me to try riding up to Mount Wilson. This is my first real mountain climb and aways wondered if I would make it up there. So here it goes...

You can still see the damage from the last big La Canada fire.


It's about 14 miles from La Canada to the Red Box. Red Box is a stop many use for restroom and water break and they have the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center there too. Looked like there was only one water fountain there which was broken and had to use a faucet behind the fountain, LOL.

Bike did really well without a glitch but the user was struggling. We made it up there and I'm glad I was able to take in the scenic beauty.

On the way back down just before descending to La Canada.

BTW, Angeles Crest Hwy was wide open through Palmdale so there was traffic. I don't think I'm in super shape but most of us just get scared of the sheer numbers and what stava tells you. You'll never know if you can do something until you try it. I didn't PR everywhere on strava or whatever on this ride but I had fun climbing to Mount Wilson. I rode solo and could have killed myself to break some personal record but I had more fun enjoying the view and the ride.
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