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The next day, we made our rendezvous with the rest of the group at Hell's Backbone Grill. I had the Jenchilada and ordered an extra tortilla this time. I love these tortillas.

From Boulder, we headed south for a campsite above the Escalante River.

I'm always surprised by what I see out on Utah trails. I've seen a Toyota Camry in Lockhart Basin and, of course, the guy in Moab who wheels in a Chevrolet Caprice. This, however, was the most surprising. A Honda CRX, way the hell out here. We talked to the owner and it turns out that he's taken his car all over the Southwest and also down through Central America. We followed him for a bit and he's a very good driver. He takes conservative lines and slowly picks his way through the hard stuff. We felt very over-equipped in our trucks.

Like last year, our first night out as a group was magical. The light was warm and it was perfect for group meal. After catching hell for making quinoa last year, Kevin redeemed himself by preparing some excellent carne asada.

Peter poured out the traditional baby cups of The Glenlivet.

We packed up the next morning and began a long drive to a secret stash campsite that I had scouted out.

Getting closer...

We're here.

Time to fire up the grills. It's lamb night.

Peter's lamb chops are another tradition for this group.

Peter's driveshaft was making some noise so after dinner, he pulled it off to repair a failed U-joint.

Needle bearing powder:

Good as new.

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