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The next day, we headed up onto the Aquarius Plateau to explore.

For those that haven't been there, the Plateau is one of the more strange topographical features in Utah. Gently sloping, most of the terrain sits at over 10,000'. It was quite cold up here and snow occasionally fell upon us. There were a maze of roads to explore.

Lunch was Kiolbassa sausage cooked in beer with those kick-ass King's Hawaiian rectangular hotdog buns.

After lunch, we headed back down to the desert once more.

After fighting fierce winds in Cathedral Valley, we decided to head up into the Fish Lake Mountains and find a sheltered spot with plentiful flat camping. We found this great high campsite with a view out over Capitol Reef and Robbers' Roost beyond.

The next morning, Jason discovered that he had set his tent up right next to a bear den:

Fortunately, the bear was out of hibernation and the only sign of him was some recent claw marks on the trees.

By Sunday morning, I was tired and dirty from seven days of camping.

Peter was having trouble with his PS pump and we were spent. We decided to make a break for Salt Lake and bid our goodbyes just south of I-70.

We had almost made it to Ben's house when his driveshaft started making noise. He quickly pulled it and found a failing centering ball. These DC shafts never fail when you're driving around town. It's always when you're out on a trip.

We made it safely home. It was an incredible trip with very little pavement and lots of great wheeling.

For me, the adventure continues next month...
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