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Originally Posted by chris snell

Tires. XZLs are fucking amazing, period. So much quieter on the road than my KM2s (or my old KMs) and the traction in the dirt and rocks was incredible. As I was picking my way up the canyon at 2AM, I was thinking about this moronic post on DiscoWeb and laughed. On a side note, I really hope Jason posts the picture of that pissed-off bull snake striking my tire.


Chris was leading the pack with me and then the rest behind him. He drove over a slight rise in the road and yelled over the radio that he thought he had just hit a rattler. We went to investigate, and it turned out to be a very lucky yet very pissed-off bull snake. After a few close-ups (via zoom lens) the snake decided to start striking at anything within striking distance. We decided to leave and head back to another campsite a few miles back. As Chris drove by, the bull snake let the Ex-Mod know he was not afraid of it and struck at the XZL.

We later drove by again and found some toothless mouthbreathers driving Polaris side-by-side ATV's. They had stopped and killed the snake with rocks.
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