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Originally Posted by chris snell
That's awesome, Ben. I think you found a gem.

I wish I could have made it down there and experienced the excitement of Port Day all over again.

The morning flight and loco taxi ride to the grimy port, carrying your luggage and tools as a pedestrian through the truck entrance, the first photos, finding your way through a huge city in a slow and unfamiliar truck... it's tradition now.

Chris, it's so true. The first part of they day was very twilight zone. John was extremely helpful and made fixing a few things very convenient. I would have been in a random parking lot without all of the sweet snap on tools, grease gun, air etc..

Oh god... Standing at port was a disaster. I waited over an hour at a dead end with semi trucks passing by.

The little 2.5 is sweet. I think my gear box is toast though. Even so, I made it home without issue.
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