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Friend's birthday ride to San Diego. Started 3 years ago and now it's become a yearly thing. The 2 previous years felt like we were in a rush to get to San Diego. It's not as enjoyable depending on who you ride with but this year was fun. No rush, just ride and enjoy the view. It was about 7 hours of riding but took us over 9 hours to get to Downtown San Diego.
This year I decided to take my Ti cross commuter(which don't commute much on... LOL) and carry some luggage. I carried my change of clothes, tools, tablet, chargers, and some miscellaneous stuff for a couple other guys. Loaded my 2 Ortlieb panniers on the back.

I replaced the Grifo XS with the Parigi-Roubaix for this trip hoping to get better roll but don't know if it made much difference.

I never took a trip this long on a loaded bike and thought it would be a nice opportunity to try. It was awesome... bike was heavy but a lot more comfortable ride. The only issue was to somewhat keep up w/ the rest of the group since they were all on their road bikes. There were 7 road bikes and 2 TT's. There's always a TT or two in the group. Surprisingly we rode together as a group for the most part. Climbs were a bit of a challenge to keep up for me but managed.

We started riding from the Amtrak station in the Angels stadium parking lot. We stopped a lot during this trip which was nice.

First stop somewhere in Huntington Beach.

Another stop at 7-Eleven in San Clemente.

Near San Onofre.

This is the group I rode with. 2 TT's in front of me.

Another rest point just south of the San Onofre Nuclear Plant.

I believe this is Carlsbad.

Riding through Encinitas.

Approaching Torrey Pines Road... It's an easy climb but not so after 80 miles.

Driving range at Torrey Pines...

10 miles to go and I just needed someone to say... can we take a break? I was dying...

We get to downtown starving... after picking up our return train tickets we found this little italian joint nearby the station. Post ride meal... Meatballs and beer!

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