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What's fucked up is Chad, owner of Antigravity, is a die-hard made in the USA freak. He says he supports made in the USA products and even mentions it on his website, facebook, and by labeling his batteries with the made in the USA sticker. Here is what it reads on the Anti-Gravity website.

When you purchase Antigravity Batteries Products you are getting the highest quality available, a product built and designed here in the USA. From everyday use to world class racing use we do not cut corners or use inferior battery cells in order to make a less expensive product.

Funny thing is the made in the USA label is missing on these jump packs. That does not mean it's a bad product or anything. I think its a sweet thing to have. It just means this Chad guy is a douche bag. He's sold out already. He's not as Mr. Made In The USA as he thought. I hate supporting douche bags.
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