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Good progress this weekend. The bulkhead and tub are now off the old chassis. Doug Shipman of Portland is buying the old chassis and motor from me. It will live on as part of someone else's rebuild. Here it is, sitting out in the rain. Still need to strip the axles, the JATE rings, the pintle hitch, the brake lines, the tank and fuel lines, the transmission brake assembly, and the LT77 linkage, which will be adapted to fit the R380.

Most of this truck has been a nice surprise. The bulkhead is in amazing shape. The tub supports are very clean. The only nastiness I've found has been the chassis harness. It's obviously original and wasn't replaced during the Tithonus refresh programme.
Everything coming out of the frame back by the fuel tank was covered in a layer of mud. After my experience with a faulty chassis harness in my NAS truck, I'm not taking any chances on 25 year-old outgassed wiring. I will be replacing the harness and running it on top of the frame for easy access if trail repair is needed.

The removal of the bulkhead and tub--the remaining body pieces--warranted a celebratory lunch. This place is pretty awesome. They do really thin shoestring fries and they fry a garlic clove and some rosemary with your fries and serve it in the pile.

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