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The UPS driver has been making a lot of stops at the house here lately. When it comes to parts, these rebuild projects are like icebergs. You might think that a new motor and chassis will get you 90% of the way there but they're just a small part of the massive amount of shit that you need to acquire to do a swap.

One of the things that I've decided to replace is the gauge cluster. I wanted to add an EGT gauge and the VDO gauges look like shit when you mix them with Land Rover gauges so all of the gauges would need to be replaced with the VDO stuff. The EGT, fuel, and coolant temp gauges were easy but the speedo was much more challenging. This is the typical gauge that D90 Source guys use when they replace their clusters:

It looks okay I guess but it's missing the secondary metric scale and it it goes all the way to 120mph, way too wide for my slow truck. VDO makes a combination Imperial/metric gauge but it's even more ridiculous at 140mph scale. VDO used to make a 4" gauge that topped out at 85mph but it's long since discontinued and Google turned up nothing. I placed a Wanted ad on D90 Source on the off chance that someone had one lying around and sure enough, a guy in New Jersey responded privately. He had an 85mph gauge still new-in-box, unopened, that came with his truck when he bought it, and would I like it? Indeed.

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