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It's a roller. Jason came out from Boise and helped us wrench. Got the bulkhead and fuel tank on, too. The tank was one of those 5-minute installs that turn into four hour installs. No two Land Rover frames are exactly identical and I had to do a lot of trimming to the tank mounts to get it to bolt back up.

This weekend is a big push to get the rear drivetrain tightened up and the tub installed. The fuel lines and brake lines need to be secured, along with the new chassis harness which I will run on top of the frame.

Ben and Jack, I picked up my new Genuine chassis harness from SafariHP. He has a huge stack of them and he's selling them for $100 (compare to $400 for my NAS D90 chassis harness). It's a hell of a good deal if your harness is getting old and crappy.

Brian tracked down a rare but awesome engine harness for my truck: it's a factory 300Tdi harness that adapts to the old-style main harness so we won't have to hack up a new-style 300Tdi harness as originally planned. Apparently Land Rover made these for 2.5NA to 300Tdi conversions back in the day.

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