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Today was a huge day. It started off with a lot of shuffling around as we arranged things to install the tub.

The tub was an interesting challenge because we had only an engine hoist to lift and move things. A typical 3-door 110 tub might weigh about 300-400 pounds but this tub with its tall and heavy Tithonus roll cage and internal tub bracing trusses is probably close to 1,000 pounds. Complicating matters, it's very front-heavy and there are no easy lifting points. A long piece of 3" webbing looped around the lower triangles of the roll cage got the tub in the air. We had to remove a rear wheel and use a jack stand and a floor jack to dance the Sals around the legs of the engine hoist but we finally had the tub in place.

One of the few downsides to this heavy Safety Devices cage is that I can't run a standard canvas top. There is a PVC top made for this cage but I'm not crazy about it:

I would like to find one of the PVC tops and have a canvas top patterned off it so that I can get closer to the standard ex-MOD look:

The other downside to this cage is that the crossbars interfere with the standard L1A1 "clip" mount. More to come on that.

For now, it's back to the gel top:

The windshield and front roll cage came next.

Finally, we finished the day by installing the turbo. Since I'm going to be running an uprated Allard radiator and full-width intercooler, I decided to go for a Garrett VNT turbo and M&D Engineering's modified head. With this setup, I should be able to get a little more power out of the motor without impacting EGT significantly.

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