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The swap is almost done. I got the seat box and cab finished last weekend and installed the new chassis harness. I found some diesel-resistant heat shrink to protect the harness since I'm running it on top of the frame instead of the typical internal routing. This heatshrink is pretty crazy stuff. The walls are almost 1/8" thick when shrunken but still flexible. Here it is, mounted up:

The tunnels, floor plates, and seat box are different for R380 trucks so I had to modify those:

All mounted up:

The M&D Engineering Fast and the Furious turbo is out. The plumbing kit that came with it is just terrible. It fits and it works but this is what you get:

I couldn't bring myself to run the motor like this. It's a brand-new remanufactured block and I want to break it in gently, with stock ancillaries.

I picked up a stock turbo a few months back as part of a box of 300Tdi spares I got from the UK. It was in pretty bad shape and looked like it had been sitting in the ocean for a few months. I took it over to the local turbo rebuilders and they were able to work some magic and save it with the help of an Easy Out and a lot of media blasting. They rebuilt it with new bearings and a new thrust washer and here's what I have now:

Barring any motor trouble, the truck will run this weekend. All that's left to do is to install the turbo and fill the fluids. I'm hoping that we'll be driving my truck to lunch on Saturday.

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