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Got the motor running yesterday:

I forgot my ignition key back at the house so we had to get it going westside San Antonio style. The MOD ignition is a lot simpler (and less theft-resistant) than the regular ROW ignitions. The tumbler pops right out and a 6mm allen key fits right in. The truck came off the boat with only one ignition key and it was so badly worn that it barely raised the pins enough to turn the tumbler. I have a new tumbler and key set on order but until then, I'm using a Beta key:

I also forgot to pull my overflow reservoir from the old motor when I sold it so I'm using a plastic can until my new brass unit arrives.

While I was busy connecting hoses and filling fluids, my buddy Brian rebuilt his old PS box for my truck. I'm taking the lines over to the hose shop to have them rebuilt. The PS lines on a Defender are a massive pain in the ass to install, even with the wings off. I hope I never have to do that job again, especially on the trail. I'm very excited to have PS in the truck.
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