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Originally Posted by dmarchand
Chris, if you want some extra theft protection. Wire a hidden switch (on/off) inline to the fuel cutoff solenoid. I use this periodically either when parking in town, or when parked overnight somewhere not entirely comforting.

That's pretty cool. I wonder where I'd hide the switch.

On a similar topic, do you guys carry an extra solenoid in your spares kit? I was talking with Ben and Jason yesterday about what spares I would carry. The ex-MOD 300Tdi list is so much smaller than my old V8 D90 list. Here's what I've got:

Should haves:

- two u-joints
- serpentine belt
- spare plastic plug for top of thermostat housing
- spare shock f+r
- spare shock bushings f+r (full set because they always seem to go at the same time)
- fuel cut-off solenoid
- 12" fuel line, 6" hard line (pre-flared), 4 hose clamps
- basic load of fluids
- fuel filter
- glass tube fuses (until I replace the fuse panel)
- 20' of primary wire
- a variety of terminal ends (spade, ring) and butt splices
- extra hose clamps for engine bay stuff
- TREs

Nice to haves:

- ignition module
- lift pump
- water pump

For my next trip, I'm not even fucking around with spare axles or CVs. The little diesel just putts along and I can't see myself breaking one. Even the little stuff like drive member flange bolts and the NAS fuel pump relays are out of the kit now. I'm aiming to get fluids, spares, and tools in one single 1610.
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