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Originally Posted by chris snell

Unlike my old NAS truck, all of the gauges are uniform in style and backlighting.

You're giving me ideas. My gauges are terrible:

You can tell the tach was replaced at some point in my truck's life and it doesn't match the other gauges. Not only are the font and markings different, but the tach sits deeper than the other gauges. I thought about inserting a shim to flush out the tach, but I think it might actually look worse flushed out because the paint on the tach's bezel and the bezel shape don't match that of the other gauges.

My temp gauge is also a disaster. First of all, it stopped working. And the bezel's paint is worn off for whatever reason. I think this was a replacement as well, and it looks as though it came from the spare junk bin.

Your gauges are looking good. I'm not crazy about the VDO everywhere, but then again my clock says VDO on it:

And that never seemed to bother me.

Do you know if VDO makes your speedo but with an analog odometer? I like the analog odo more than the digital one.
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