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Originally Posted by JSQ
I'm very jealous. My VDO still doesn't work properly.
Maybe my problem lies in the wiring job.

I just remembered that I made up a wiring diagram to plan out the design of the harness. For the wires coming from the harness bundle, I cut the ring connectors off and put on Ancor spades. There's a few places where three wires must come together onto one terminal on the gauge. To do this, I bundled two wires into one female spade connector and used an Ancor multi-stack connector to mate the double-wired spade and the single-wired spade onto the gauge's spade terminal.

This diagram does not show the sender wires. I just cut the ring connectors off of them and put on spades. In the diagram, the rectangles with the circles in them represent the illumination bulbs. The circles not in rectangles represent power for the gauge itself. Any wire coming from a harness bundle is part of the stock wiring harness. Inter-gauge connectors are part of my homemade harness.
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