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Originally Posted by johnlee
Do you know if VDO makes your speedo but with an analog odometer? I like the analog odo more than the digital one.

They don't. I don't know if VDO was the OEM of your Genuine speedo but there hasn't been an analog odometer version made in some time. As you know, even the 97 NAS trucks had VDO digital speedos.

I know how you must feel. Those factory temperature gauges are worthless and were modified by LR to give artificially low readings. I replaced mine in my old NAS truck and the replacement didn't match the stock stuff at all. Still, the numeric VDO is accurate enough that you can see the state of the thermostat just by watching the numbers.

Lots of NAS guys on D90 have replaced their gauges with VDO Vision so you could probably score an original tach and a replacement (lying) coolant gauge if you wanted to keep the look. Personally, I love the VDO. It just works.

The big bummer is that the 437-154D 85 MPH speedo hasn't been manufactured for at least a decade. I got incredibly lucky and found a guy who had one NIB. The current replacement part is a total joke and has a 145 MPH range:

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