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Originally Posted by Mike_Rupp
As someone who has never traveled to the mid-east, I was a little unsure of what topics were fair game, so I treaded lightly. Within a few minutes, our driver Hamad started talking about everything from Ibadi Islam compared to other forms and Sharia Law. Spending a day with him definitely made the world a little smaller. Here's a guy who wears a dishdasha and keffiyeh, prays several times a day and yet goes on Facebook and has similar views that I do.

The scenery there was truly unique and it would be an incredible place to get in a truck and drive for a few weeks. It felt completely safe.

That's awesome.

If Oman seemed like it beat a lot of your expectations for the Middle East, that's because it is the single best country in the region. It's location and history have made it uniquely idyllic and it's separate cultural history and geo-political position have preserved it's character.

When you're in Oman, you know it's the Middle East but everything is somehow a little special.

Oh, and you visited the least scenic part of the country...

Originally Posted by Mike_Rupp
Toyotas are the only game in town. We saw only other Toyotas offroad and I only saw one LR the entire time I was in Oman.

That's kind of a bummer to hear. When I was a kid there was a healthy mix of different trucks. My family had a FJ60 and my father almost bought a 110 to bring back to the states. Mercedes trucks were so prevalent that I referred to all SUVs as "G-wagons". I even called our Toyota "the G Wagon".
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