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Looks like someone took a similar trip to Mike's:

twelve days in Oman. from Marko Roth productions on Vimeo.

We drove over 4200 km across the unexplored and beautiful country of Oman. We made friends with young and old Omanis, discovered absolutely stunning landscapes and captured our entire experience in this film.

Together with my friends Lucas, Dominik and Vivi, we explored the Sultanate of Oman in the course of twelve days. On our way from the North to the South of Oman, we came across deserts, beautiful beaches, mountains over 3000m high and the amazing Wadis.

Directed and edited by
Marko Roth

Marina Starke

Sound Design by
Mick Von Oppen

Motion Design by
Jens Schlehe

Music by
Tony Anderson, "Eyes Wide Open"

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