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Originally Posted by chris snell
I also ditched the goofy, insufferably hot fiberglass top and installed a MOD-spec PVC Wolf top from Exmoor.


The trail out here is covered in moon dust. I imagine the morass that it must become after a downpour but not today--there's barely a cloud in sight. To keep cool, I run with the back window rolled up. This creates a vacuum in the truck that sucks huge clouds of dust and exhaust into the truck constantly.

I think you made the right call on ditching the hard top. You lose all the security and cleanliness, but a three door truck is an oven without airflow. It's also more fun with the soft top and visibility is really improved.

I don't know if you've experimented with this, but I find that by running without the door-tops and the sides rolled up I actually get less dust in the truck. The vacuum effect you described is no joke. In fact, it's the worst. Somehow opening all the sides up means that dust can drift in but it doesn't get sucked from the trail. As long as you're the lead vehicle the truck should stay cleaner.
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