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I ordered the new cooling unit from Engel and it arrive next-day from Florida. I did not know Fed-Ex could work that fast. All the stars must have been aligned.

Putting the new cooling unit in was pretty easy. However, it would have been nice to have two people to set everything into place. The copper lines are soft, and trying to get everything seated without bending the copper lines is a trick. The compressor is really heavy compared to the coils, so trying to balance a heavy item in one hand while handling a more delicate lighter item in the other is harder than it sounds. So having two people would he handy.

Before putting this back together you must reuse a few items. You need to recycle the cooling fan and the temp sensor.

The cooling fan is held on with two screws:

The temp sensor has a single screw and a cheesy plastic holder:

You also need to reuse the power cable for the compressor. The compressor power lead is a push-on type. The ground is retained by a screw. I don't get it, why not use a screw on both? If your fridge ever stops working, check the push-on power lead, first. I could easily see how this could just simply fall off with vibration.

Seating the cooling coils is a trick. I don't know how they do it at the factory, but I tried for a really long time to get the gap between the coil and the fridge body consistent. It was a losing battle. I gave up before something got bent or kinked.

This was an easy fix. I only had 2 left over screws when I was done and I still don't know where they came from. Swapping the parts takes about 20 minutes, then allow another 30-45 minutes to clean the years of gunk real good. I just used some diluted Purple Power on a terry cloth.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the new cooling unit worked faster than the old. I set the fridge to 2, and within 20 minutes the compressor stopped running because it was to temp. A little frosty even. I don't ever remember my fridge getting that cold that fast. Perhaps the compressor was on its way out for some time.
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