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I've suffered a lot of problems keeping the PC2150 in my 110 and similar batteries in other trucks happy without driving them regularly. All of the so-called "smart" chargers fault themselves out. In the end, what has worked best for me is just a little 2amp constant-rate Black & Decker charger from Home Depot. That little guy is a champ and I use it for everything now. It has brought the Odyssey back from some very deep discharges.

By the way, I don't know if you're still running a Garmin 276C in your 110 but I had mine wired directly to my aux power block and even when the GPS was turned off it was continuing to draw and kill my battery. I always ignored it as the possible cause of my drain because it's demand is small, but as soon as I started unplugging it, my dead battery woes went away.
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