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I didn't know CGP was available online either until yesterday. I had always purchased my stuff at the gun shows. You can tell I was stuck in my old ways, as I was planning to pick up Sturmgewehr at the next show, which is ridiculous.

Another title I always wanted to buy was Death From Above, a book about the FG42. I would always look for that at shows but never saw it. Now it appears Death From Above is out of print.

With Sturmgewehr, I'll be picking up:

Those are books I've thumbed through and wanted, but never got for one reason or another. I want to get them before they go out of print.

The old Pomona show was just awesome. I used to go to that religiously when it was still open. Now the only show I hit is the Costa Mesa show. It sucks compared to Pomona, but there's usually enough interesting tables there to merit a visit. There's usually an HK dealer with spare parts, and I usually pick up a few spares to build up my spare parts kits for my HK rifles. And there's usually one CGP dealer there, so I get to thumb through some of the books before I buy. And I'll usually pick up some ammo. So while the Costa Mesa show generally sucks, it's usually worth it for me to visit.
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