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LOL-That looks like it may be a good price on the broomhandle, Jack-of course I can't tell condition. There was a very nice condtion mid-teens broomhandle with shoulder stock yesterday at the gun show for $3900. Not one of those worn-out national Chinese surplus ones.

Also saw a case with a nice matched pair of Beesley 12 ga. sidelocks for only $65k. They had your name on them Jack.

I'll bring the FG42 book next time I see you John. Interesting reading. They quote a US Army evaluation of a captured type "E" FG42 stating "The recoil felt by the firer when firing this weapon is negligible. The line of thrust is a straight line with the point of rest on the shoulder. The tendency to climb usually found in weapons of this type is also absent which is due to this method of design". Was one of your relatives at Aberdeen Proving Grounds Ordnance research? Must have tested it after firing a BAR full auto...
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