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Man does this take me back. I think I've done all those jobs on my 110 at one time or another.

You're not wrong about the drum brakes. You start into it thinking that there's an elegant technique you're missing and then when you finally start jamming pry bars you realize this was just going to be gangster from the beginning. A word of caution on the shoes for the rear brakes or the t-case: Usually, once they've been contaminated by gear oil, they're through. Even if you clean them with a strong solvent they will always remain a little slick when warm. It's best to just toss them and get a fresh set, especially considering how cheap they are.

Don't sweat your mismatched doors. The nice thing about ExMods is that they're simple enough that you can tackle all the problems, but like any Land Rover, you'll never be able to stay on top of all of it or make the truck perfect. It's best to have an un-fixable cosmetic flaw that allows you to just be satisfied with a truck that looks decent and runs pretty well. Trying to get a Land Rover 100% is just too maddening. Always slightly beyond reach...

As far as Allmakes goes, you're not wrong there either. But, as we all know, the green oval is no assurance of quality. For me, it's just been a matter of learning which generics or OEM brands work for which parts. I've used a lot of Britpart with good success along with TRW and Delphi. Trevor at Rovah Farm has been vary good at rating the quality among the options.

My 110 is due for some love. I still dream at night of having working turn signals some day...
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