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A few other little things...

My fuel lockers were in bad shape. When I took the truck on the cold weather shake-down run back in '14, I forgot about the water cans in the lockers. I was in Salmon, ID when the temperature dropped to -15F one night and my cans swelled up. Amazingly, the cans themselves never breached or leaked but one of the lockers got bent:

The latch catches were rusted and one of them sheared, so I secured it with safety wire. I took another couple of trips with only one working latch but I finally got around to replacing them last week.

I found some nice toggles on Amazon and riveted them on:

As you can see, the military paint is flaking off in sheets. When this truck was refreshed during the Tithonus program, the contractor did a re-spray but I don't think they did any prep at all. It's flaking all over and there's lots of overspray everywhere. Like Jack said, all of these warts make it a lot easier to accept the truck as it is and to stop sweating every tree scratch or paint chip.
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