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Originally Posted by chris snell
To get the spare parts organized, I tried to sort things into categories: vehicle spares, electrical, repair/quick-fix items, and hose clamps. Each kind of item (like fuses) went into its own sandwich baggie and the categories were made up of sandwich baggies bundled into gallon-sized baggies. I added an inventory sheet to each gallon bag like this:

That one-shot could just leave that at home at use 90wt.

I don't know if you're carrying wheel bearings or not. I did. I packed them in food saver bags. You can grease them up and then vacuum pack them. This does two things, 1) it automatically packs the bearings with grease, 2) the food saver bags are more heavy duty and less prone to ripping. Sandwich bags break down over time and fall apart. I have not looked because I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart, but word on the street is the Wal-Mart version of food saver bags are a little bit thicker, so perhaps they're even tougher and less money.
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