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Originally Posted by dchapman
That one-shot could just leave that at home at use 90wt.

I don't know if you're carrying wheel bearings or not. I did. I packed them in food saver bags. You can grease them up and then vacuum pack them. This does two things, 1) it automatically packs the bearings with grease, 2) the food saver bags are more heavy duty and less prone to ripping. Sandwich bags break down over time and fall apart. I have not looked because I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart, but word on the street is the Wal-Mart version of food saver bags are a little bit thicker, so perhaps they're even tougher and less money.

The cardboard box has a set of bearings that have been greased and vacuum sealed in a food saver bag. For the parts, I've been using freezer-quality Ziploc bags. They last a lot longer than the standard sandwich bags. The food saver bags are not all that great. These ones outgas and get brittle and break over time. I'm not sure it's worth a visit to Walmart to get bags but I'll check them out. The ones I have (Foodsaver brand) are garbage. They suck for sous vide, too.

Originally Posted by dchapman
This is comical. I remember when you banned me from Dweb for giving you shit about using Allmakes parts. You claimed you banned me for "because he's been an absolute turd here for years with almost no useful posts.". But we all know you were heartbroken when I called you a cheapfuck for using those parts.

You got temporarily banned from Dweb for fighting with Kennith, who also got banned. He hasn't posted in a while so I figure that you must have beat him up at a rally event or something.
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