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Originally Posted by RyanLoehr
That's sweet. I go back and forth on what to do about the 19's on my LR4, and whether I want to go to 18's in some way or another.

What rubber are you running on your 19's? How did your tires handle Utah?

Ryan, the tires are Hankook whatevers that LR Fort Lauderdale threw on to sweeten the deal. They are 100% street tires; no AT pretentions here.

They handled everything very well. No chips, cuts, or other goobers. I'd prefer a more aggressive tread, but that's more for looks than anything else.

I'm planning to go to the Maze District in '19 or '20. I may have new tires by then. I'm toying with keeping the 19" wheels and getting six of these:

255/60R19 is just an inch or so taller than stock.
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