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I think all of these Ingrid Bergmann weapons were more curiosities and footnotes in small arms development than anything else.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Wehrmacht was using the Ingrid Bergmann MG's, as the Germans faced widespread weapons shortages from the very beginning. These shortages were never resolved. Many people believe that the German wonder weapons like the MG34, MG42, FG42, Stg44, etc. had such a dramatic effect on post-WW2 weapons development because they were hugely successful and widely issued. But they weren't. Most of these weapons were produced in limited numbers only and and they didn't really affect the outcome of the war. Rather, their greatest contributions to small arms development were their speedy methods of manufacture, their methods of operation, and their unique design principles like the Sturmgewehr and Einheitsmaschinengewehr concepts.

The Germans were short on weapons and could never produce them in the quantities they required. One sees all sorts of weirdo things like Wehrmacht units using Browning Hi-Powers manufactured in the captured FN factory. It was also common to see Wehrmacht units armed with the BREN of all things. And didn't the Wehrmacht even have an official, type-classified 9mm conversion kit for the PPSh machine pistols captured on the Eastern Front?
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