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I've never heard of a Bergmann light machine gun adopted by the Germans in WWI. There's the various Maxims MG08, MG08/15 and the MG16 (the original Einheitsmaschinengewehr introduced in 1916). These supposedly were all used by the Germans as well in WWII.

My new MG34/MG42 book lists various other MG's besides the MG13 that are historically intertwined with them as well. Namely the Knorr-Bremse LMG35/36 and the MG S 2-200.

BTW-I think the adoption of the Browning Hi-Power was a natural for the Germans due to it's 9mm chambering. And I believe the BREN's used by the Germans were the original Brno factory design. A goodly amount of MG34 and 42's were made by Waffenwerke Bruenn (Brno).

I'm reading that the Kreighoff production of the FG42 was not at Ulm but rather at Leige, Belgium. Kreighoff took over the Pieper plant there during the war.
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