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Originally Posted by greghirst
I'm reading that the Kreighoff production of the FG42 was not at Ulm but rather at Leige, Belgium. Kreighoff took over the Pieper plant there during the war.

Hehe. I love it. Invade a country and take over it. Take over all of the gun plants and put them to work for you. It was probably very skilled labor at Liege too.

The current Krieghoff plant is in Ulm but I thought the pre-1945 plant was in Suhl. I'm far from sure though. All I know for sure is that I'm pumped up about Krieghoff producing the FG42 and actually refining the design a bit. Although I much prefer the evil looks of the Rheinmetall version with its sheetmetal buttstock and swept-back pistol grip, it's still very exciting to me that Krieghoff produced the FG42. That's just way too cool.

I had always loved this engraving on the bottom of my K-80's receiver:

Now I wish my K-80 were engraved on the bottom: "DEATH MACHINES of ULM".
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