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I'm curious why you insist on referring to the Bergmann guns as oddities or curiosities? Surely you label them as footnotes to somehow detract from their importance, relevance or worth. I fail to see how the Bergmann M1910 is any different from the so called "funky doubles" that you seem so excited by. To me the Darne's, Cosmis and Superbrittes are more readily characterized as fruitless efforts in the world of shotgunning. The traditional guns have proven so superior in the field. I find the "funky doubles" simply amusements. The Bergmann guns are unusual but very functional and well crafted. Their design and production was not widespread but I have never read that they had performance related shortcomings. You seem to consider the Bergmann guns to be in league with pepperbox revolvers and cane guns.

I suppose it has something to do with the precedence you give to mankillers over sporting arms. If a sporting gun is unorthodox you seem to appreciate some sort of ingenuity, but if a military arm is slightly unusual and ultimately not widely used it isn't worth talking about?
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