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Originally Posted by JSQ

I was just checking out that Phoenix Investment site and dreaming a bit. Wow. There are some nice Lugers on that page. I'm not "into" Lugers and thus don't know much about them, but this Luger really caught my eye:

I'm not crazy about the gold "CR" on the top of the receiver ring, but I'm digging the straw-colored pieces, dished toggles, grip safety (a pistol as complicated as the Luger just has to have a grip safety), and walnut magazine floorplate. One of the things I really like about the Luger and other weapons of that era is the lightening cuts in them. The dished toggles have that sort of look to me and I have always liked them. If that Luger were chambered in 9mm Luger and had the buttstock attachment points, it would be oh so nice. But I'm not sure if a Luger in such a configuration even exists.

Heck, as long as I'm dreaming, why not make my dream Luger in .45 ACP:

I love that funky trigger shape on the .45 Luger. I'm not sure if other Lugers had this trigger shape or if the .45 Luger alone had it. But it's definitely cool. If that .45 Luger had the cool-ass dished toggles, a buttstock attachment on the butt with that super slim Artillery Luger buttstock, several magazines in both stick and snail drum configurations, and of course a .22LR conversion kit, it would probably be my dream Luger.

A few years back, there was a company making best-quality reproduction Lugers in various calibers, including .45 ACP. This company was sort of like a Galazan's for Lugers, and made all sorts of configurations like .22LR Lugers, .380 compact Lugers, etc. The weapons were truly Best Quality. I'm not sure if that company still exists, as the .45 replicas were going for something like $5k if my memory serves. If that company were still around, it could probably build a .45 Luger for me in such a configuration. It would certainly be a nice weapon and it would, function and quality wise, be even better than the original Lugers. And it would have all of the quirky features that I like on the Lugers.

But then again it would not bear the name Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken.
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