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Well I would say I'm "into" the Luger thing, but to me the magic only exists with 1913 or thereabouts on the chamber. A repro just wouldn't do it for me at all. As much as it would be nice to have a pistol made to my specification I'm just willing to accept that I'm near one hundred years too late for that. But mostly when I hold the luger or any weapon that I admire of such a vintage it's the possible heritage of that particular weapon that I find stirring. For instance my Luger is a VoPo rework. It's about as uncollectable as it could be. It's condition is very good and it shoots extremely well but it bears the proof alterations and additions of a progressive history. Only period intact examples are valuable. Mine is more storied. It, of course, has the Imperial marks it received at DWM, but it has also been inventoried by the Third Reich as well as the East German police. To me, being able to trace that lineage is fantastic. It's like holding 20th century German history in your hand. A full century's worth. To the "collectors" it's near worthless. I'm also not particularly interested in knowing my pistol was made by an English speaker. I want to think of that skilled factory craftsman that meticulously finished the 115 or so parts of my pistol all in the heart of Germany. Just like my car being made in Stuttgart or even Solihull. I got no love for Detroit. I got no love for San Mateo.
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