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Originally posted by johnlee
Imagine this awesome kitchen. Viking everywhere. And in the middle of the kitchen, there is an island. But it's not your ordinary island. It's a KRL with a maple or stainless top. Above the island are hanging various pots and pans. If if the Mrs. is too short to reach the hanging pans, she can open a drawer and stand on it. And if there's an intruder in the house and you can't get to the gun safe, just open the top drawer and pull out the Benelli Super 90 and go to work. What other island would provide that kind of versatility? It could be pretty cool.

LOL-My wife would probably shoot me by accident (or maybe not by accident?) Besides, she would probably throw my Beretta 1201FP under the sink just so she has plenty of room for her precious All-Clad! Hmmm... how about hanging the shotgun from the ceiling with the pots and pans?

We're finishing and moving into a new house next month and so looking forward to a new kitchen. A stainless top KRL would be a nice kitchen addition. However, our ovens and range are Wolf rather than Viking so wouldn't meet John's approval.
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