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hmmm, lets see, the senario at my house would most likely go down like this. wife in the kitchen attempting to boil a pot of pasta. doesn't hear the perp. because the stereo is to loud. perp creeps behind the counter while her back is turned and waits for a chance to spring. while my wife as she reaches for the boiling pot of pasta, she bangs her head on the hanging pots, falls against the counter and tips over her cocktail, which is then ignited by the open flame. while rubbing her now throbbing head she panics, as the counter is now on fire. she reaches for the pot of boiling pasta and douses the flames and the unsuspecting perp in the process. perp screams, she screams. she drops the pan and runs into the other room. perp tries to run but slips on the pasta water and knocks himself out cold.
all the while, my KRL (w/ SS top) sits safely in the comfort of my shop!
i guess i don't trust anything i value to my wifes Sellers-esk clumsiness.

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