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Originally Posted by JSQ
Would a table saw be even better than a circular hand saw?

what are the advantages of the water jet Rob?

With a Water Jet you would lay the whole thing on a large table and all cuts would be made at one time. Everything would be square and perpendicular. Holes can be cut and nice radius in the corners. Water Jet is cold abrasive (sandy water) it will not warp the what it cuts and should basically deburr itself. A little sanding might be needed to make it totally smooth. The end result would be pretty darn nice though. My guess would be about $50-100 to cut it. Depending on the shops hourly rate. I would guess it would take about 1 hour to cut it. If you need it I can make you a cad drawing if it saves money. That would only take me 10 minutes to draw, and I would need a hand sketch.

Table saw I don't think would be that nice because you will have to move the entire piece of starboard to cut it. Circ saw you just have to move the saw along. The table saw if it was big enough the table had rollers wouldn't be too bad cause you can rid it along the rail to keep it straight, But man it would suck if it floated up and kicked back. I never liked cutting plywood on a table saw either.

Sorry if I ramble.

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