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Gold Rush Expeditions is actively seeking sponsorship from Land Rover of North America. All of our expeditions are carried out in Land Rovers, the best 4 X 4 X far.

Corey is still working on his book. No release date has been established yet but it will be one to watch for. It will include detailed directions of how to get to different ghost towns, mines and treasure sites along with some history and folklore. This one will not lead you astray. Check back often for updates.

Gibran Begum recently did a documentary of the Rhoades Mines and lost treasure. If you have seen it you will recognize a lot of the footage as you page through the site. The majority of the mines and structures were filmed while on expedition with Gold Rush Expeditions. Watch closely at the end of the film and you will even see Corey, in silhouette, climbing into yet another cavern.

this has Blue LOL

$500-800 per person, 3 person minimum???

I wonder who will be the first person he kills while on his organized trespassing trips?

Shit, it's one thing to explore the great outdoors and appreciate it (UT kicks ass), but to try to exploit it is pretty damn lame...
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