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Han's truck is the first MkIII that I've worked on, and i was very impressed by the high quality of the materials on it.

For example, there were many behind-the-hood trim pieces that weren't made of plastic the way they are on the Disco2. The MkIII's trim pieces are plastic with rubber edges that are fused to the plastic. I don't know if the bi-material trim panels are designed to seal better or be quieter or whatever, but they were sweet.

The plastic skid plate on the MkIII isn't plastic the way it is on the Disco. It's some very strong fiberglass that is coated with plastic on the outside. It's very tough and difficult to cut. Some cuts on this piece were required as part of the winch tray install, and they were a bitch. I'm not saying this skid plate will withstand impacts and grinding on rocks like a thick steel skid. Rather, I'm just saying that the skid plate is very nice for what it is.

Han's forward fan shroud also had swinging louvers on the front surface. I'm thinking the louvers remain shut when the vehicle is standing still and open up at speed. I'm not sure what these things do but they looked sweet. Han's condenser fan was marked "BEHR", the same company that made the Ferrari F40's intercoolers if my memory serves. The condenser fan is also some huge five-blade affair that looks bad ass when the front grill is removed.

I thought the Mk3's front bumper would be similar to that of the 03/04 Disco2 and LR3, but it's not. Those vehicles have a painted plastic outer skin and a steel skeleton. The Mk3 has a painted plastic outer skin over a very thick layer of foam, then another plastic layer, and then two separate steel skeletons. It's very well done. I'm not sure if the foam is structural or for noise attenuation or both, but it was very sweet. It looked expensive too.

The engine screams BMW. There are BMW markings everywhere. The hose clamps are the bitchin Land Rover style hose clamps with the curled edges and the flange bolt on which you can use a ratcheting screwdriver without the bit. However, these hose clamps are stamped with the BMW roundel and the part numbers are stamped in that cool ass German font found on so many nice German weapons. This font:

I also believe the tire valve stems and caps are BMW. They appear identical to the ones found on BMW cars and on Aaron's 1150 GS Adventure. I love these valve stems and caps.

Even the winch tray kit for the Mk3 is nicer than it is for the Disco and LR3. This winch tray and the mounting wings have radiused edges. The edges on the Disco2 and LR3 pieces are deburred but they're left square. The fairlead is a roller instead of a hawse. The winch tray also has holes and connecting points for two of the four front parking sensors on the Mk3. Imagine a winch tray that accommodates the parking sensors. That's Uptown.

The Mk3 has lots and lots of trim pieces and they're all fastened by dozens of clips, screws, bolts, and nuts. So the Mk3 is harder to work on than, say, my Defender. But it's a sweet ride. I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to work on one.
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