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here are a few more pics w/ the winch line installed.

the MKIII's winch tray design is well supported and reinforced. the diagonal tubular brace bolts to the subframe's cross member where the factory recovery ring is welded to. this setup actually reinforces the factory recovery ring as well as providing diagonal bracing to the winch tray. very well thought out design.

here you can see upclose of what john was talking about earlier when he mentioned radiused edges and the precut hole for the park distance sensor...

another DB shot...

this is the license plate holder. this is an awesome feature. this plate is sandwiched between the fairlead and the tray... you may notice that the fairlead is off center relative to the vehicle's center

so the license plate backing plate is mounted offset again so that the license plate is on center

close up shot of the mounting screw that holds the backing plate to the bottom plate

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