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I work at a newspaper, and have absolutely NO legitimate use for pick-axes or floor jacks in my office. I just like being prepared for those 6σ eventualities....

I do carry a whole lot of stuff everywhere I go. And, yes, I'm probably at risk of memorabilia theft. I've just got my fingers crossed knowing that most of that gear is useless to the average hooligan.

One evening I was parked on some empty side street in Venice, and returned to find a couple scar-faced Hell's-Angel-types leaning in over the doors, checking things out. I almost turned tail, but steeled my nerves and approached them. An interesting revelation came when one of them grunted something along the lines of "Wouldn't want to mess with you, because with that truck, I know your gun is bigger than mine." No gun, but if that's what he's thinking, it's fine by me.
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